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Kamui Rider 555 by Hellsender
Kamui Rider 555
I'll be honest, I'm not ardently into KLK. In fact, it's a bit too...intense for my tastes and the anger and cathartics is quite on par with Attack on Titan. However, the show does a good job creating unique and enjoyable characters. Since I've recently gotten into Kamen Rider, I thought, why the hell not? The writer for KLK did Kamen Rider Fourze, so it's totally relevant! Anyway, here's Ryuko and Satsuki dressed as Kamen Rider Faiz and Psyga, since they're the closest to their respective Kamui. After all, compared to the other Riders series, 555 seemed to be the closest. In fact, I'll give Satsuki's VA all the money in the world to say "It's showtime!".

Done as a commission by :iconmassivepinkzombie: who's a fellow Rider fan.

UPDATE: HOLY SHIT, someone had the same idea I had! (well, sort-of)…
The Next Decade by Hellsender
The Next Decade
Done as a commission by :iconhanukara:

If you think I haven't gotten enough of crossing my favorite girl Chisame with Iron Man, wait to you see her fit the shoes of a passing-through Kamen Rider. After all, she's the closest to the uppity, snarky attitude of Tsukasa.

Say what you want about Kamen Rider Decade, it was sadly one of those series that had a genius premise with so much promise, but ultimately failed due to poor management and writing. On the other hand though, you can make the argument that it was so bad it was good. 


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Apparently, I have an unnatural talent to make people hate me because I get too insistent. I contacted an artist to ask him for another commission and he blows me off in the coldest, harshest way imaginable and bans me for life. I try to apologize and he just ignores me (as usual, he NEVER responds)--though, I'm pretty sure he deletes my notes without reading them. 

So what can I do? 

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Hey dude! Haven't seen you in a while. But anyway, here's the list of new death battles I'm gonna write!…
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